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Jewelry Sizing Guide

This diagram shows where each necklace falls on the body. A 15-inch necklace is a choker on most people, and 27 inches is ideal for most chains.

Inches CM

14 in

35.5 cm

15 in

38 cm

16 in

40.5 cm

17 in

43 cm

18 in

45.75 cm

19 in

48.25 cm

20 in

50 cm

22 in

56 cm

24 in

61 cm

25 in

63.5 cm

26 in

66 cm

27 in

68.5 cm

28 in

71 cm

29 in

73.5 cm

30 in

76 cm

32 in

81.5 cm

34 in

86.5 cm

35 in

89 cm

36 in

91.5 cm

38 in

96.5 cm

41 in

104 cm

44 in

111.75 cm

46 in

117 cm

48 in

122 cm

The above reflects whole sizes only.
Half sizes are available on key items.

Find the Perfect Necklace Length

To measure an existing necklace, unclasp it and place it on a flat surface in a straight line. Then hold a measuring tape end to end. Voila!

To see where a necklace might fall on your body, cut a piece of string to the length that interests you and drape that around your neck. It won’t be perfect but it will give you a general idea.

When in doubt, please reach out to our specialist, who can guide you through the best process.

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